Accelerated power grid upgrade, new oil immersed distribution transformers help improve power supply reliability

100kVA 11kV Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer refers to an oil-immersed distribution transformer with a capacity of 100 kVA and a rated voltage of 11 kV.

100kVA 11kV Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer China Manufacturer

100kVA 11kV Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer China Manufacturer

100kVA: This is the rated capacity of the transformer. It represents the apparent power that a transformer can transmit at rated voltage and rated current. For distribution transformers, this capacity determines the maximum power they can supply to the load.

11kV: This is the transformer's rated voltage. For oil-immersed distribution transformers, this usually refers to the rated voltage on the high-voltage side, that is, the voltage at the input terminal of the transformer.

Oil Immersed: This refers to the cooling and insulation method of the transformer being oil immersed. The coils and iron cores inside the transformer are soaked in insulating oil, which not only serves as insulation but also helps the transformer dissipate heat, thereby improving its operational efficiency and reliability.

Distribution Transformer: Refers to a distribution transformer. Distribution transformers are key equipment in the power system, responsible for converting high-voltage electrical energy into low-voltage electrical energy and supplying it to low-voltage users or distribution networks.

With the continuous advancement of urban power grid construction, power grid upgrading projects are gradually unfolding. Recently, our city's power grid company completed the installation and commissioning of a batch of 100kVA 11kV oil-immersed distribution transformers, effectively improving power supply reliability and providing citizens with more stable and efficient power services.

100kVA 11kV oil immersed distribution transformer applied in the field of power grid

100kVA 11kV oil immersed distribution transformer applied in the field of power grid

This batch of new oil-immersed distribution transformers adopts advanced manufacturing and insulation technology, which has the characteristics of large capacity, high efficiency, and stable operation. Its rated voltage is 11kV, and its rated capacity is 100kVA, which can meet the growing electricity demand of urban power grids.

These transformers are widely used in power grid upgrading projects in urban distribution networks, industrial areas, and residential areas. By replacing old transformers, the new oil-immersed distribution transformer not only improves power transmission efficiency and reduces energy loss but also enhances the anti-interference ability and safety of the power grid.

100kVA 11kV oil immersed distribution transformer applied in the field of power grid 2 

100kVA 11kV oil immersed distribution transformer applied in the field of power grid

The relevant person in charge of the power grid company stated that the successful implementation of the power grid upgrade project will further improve the power supply capacity and service level of our city. In the future, the company will continue to increase investment in power grid construction, introduce more advanced equipment and technology, and provide citizens with better quality power services.

The completion of this power grid upgrade project not only marks a new level of power grid construction in our city but also provides strong support for promoting urban economic development and improving residents' quality of life.


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