How Fast Recovery Diodes Achieves Fast Recovery?

The diode is an essential semiconductor device in power electronics technology with unidirectional conductivity and fast recovery characteristics. The Fast Recovery Diodes (FRD) has attracted much attention due to its high-speed recovery characteristics. This article will detail the working principle, advantages and applications of fast recovery diodes.


(fast recovery diodes)

Introduction to fast recovery diodes

Fast Recovery Diode, referred to as FRD, is a diode with fast reverse recovery characteristics. In power systems, FRDs can quickly respond and restore the direction of current flow, thereby protecting circuits from damage. Compared with ordinary diodes, FRD has a faster reverse recovery time, usually within tens of nanoseconds.

Characteristics of fast recovery diodes

1. Fast recovery characteristics: Fast recovery diodes have speedy reverse recovery times, usually within tens of nanoseconds; this allows them to respond quickly and protect circuits during sudden changes in current in the power system.

2. High efficiency and energy saving: The fast recovery diode has a small on-resistance, so the power consumption is low, which can improve the efficiency of the power system.

3. High-temperature stability: Fast recovery diodes have good high-temperature stability and can work stably in high-temperature environments.

4. High reliability: The fast recovery diode has a simple structure, high reliability and long life.

How fast recovery diodes work?

A fast recovery diode has a structure similar to an ordinary diode but with a quicker reverse recovery time. In power systems, when the current from the AC power supply suddenly changes, fast recovery diodes can quickly respond and restore the flow direction of the wind, thereby protecting the circuit from damage.

Specifically, the current can pass smoothly when the fast recovery diode is in the forward conducting state. When the AC power source draft suddenly reverses, the charges in the PN junction of the quick recovery diode will rearrange, causing the current to decrease swiftly and return to the forward state. This process is concise, so it can effectively prevent damage to the circuit caused by sudden changes in current.


(fast recovery diodes)

Applications of fast recovery diodes

1. Used for freewheeling and protection in power systems: Fast recovery diodes are often used in freewheeling and protection circuits. For example, in power conversion equipment such as rectifiers and inverters, fast recovery diodes can effectively prevent circuit damage caused by sudden changes in current.

2. Switching power supply: Switching power is standard equipment. Using fast recovery diodes can effectively improve the power supply's efficiency and protect the circuit.

3. New energy vehicles: The power conversion equipment of new energy vehicles must withstand high currents and voltages. These devices can be effectively protected from damage using fast recovery diodes.

4. Industrial motors: Industrial motors require frequent starts and stops. Using fast recovery diodes can effectively protect the engine from sudden changes in current.

5. Household appliances: In household appliances, fast recovery diodes are often used in power circuits to protect circuits from damage. For example, quick recovery diodes are used in the power supply sections of televisions, computers and other equipment to protect circuits.


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