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Thyristor module diodes are electronic devices that combine a diode and a thyristor into a single package. They are used in various applications for controlling the current flow and converting AC power into DC power.

The diode is a two-terminal electronic device that conducts current in one direction only, with the ability to block current flow in the opposite direction. They are used to rectify AC signals, block DC signals, and provide voltage isolation between electronic circuits. Diodes are typically made from semiconductor materials such as silicon or germanium and have two terminals: an anode and a cathode.

A thyristor is a four-terminal electronic device that controls the current flow similarly to a diode but with additional control terminals. It functions as a switch that can be triggered to conduct current in one direction from its anode to its cathode and can be deactivated to block current flow in the opposite direction. Thyristors are typically used for high-power switching applications, such as controlling the flow of large amounts of current in industrial power supplies and transmission lines.

A thyristor module diode combines a thyristor and a diode into a single package, typically with the thyristor and diode terminals arranged side by side on the device’s surface. This integration of the two devices allows for simplified circuit design and improved efficiency in applications requiring diodes and thyristors. Thyristor module diodes are typically used for high-power rectification, power factor correction, and AC/DC conversion in power electronics systems.

Operationally, thyristor module diodes behave similarly to standard diodes, conducting current in one direction and blocking current in the opposite direction. However, they also include a thyristor that can be triggered to conduct current from its anode to its cathode when a control signal is applied to its additional control terminals. This allows for precise control of current flow in power electronics systems using thyristor module diodes.

Thyristor module diodes are available in various forms and ratings, including single-phase and three-phase versions, with different voltage ratings and switching capabilities to meet specific system requirements. They are typically mounted on heat sinks or other cooling devices to dissipate the heat generated during operation and ensure reliable device performance.




Thristor Modules

Thyristor Modules

| Isolated mounting base, 2500V ~ | International standard package | Pressure contact technology with increased power cycling capability | Air-cooling for up to 350A. for over 400A, air-cooling or water-cooling | Simple mounting and easy maintenance | Space and weight saving |

High Frequency Thyristors

High Frequency Thyristors

| Phase Control Thyristors | Fast Turn-Off Thyristors | High Frequency Thyristors | BI-directional Control Thyristors | Rectifier Dioes | Fast Recovery Diodes | Reversely Switching Dynistors | Isolated Capsule Power Module |

Power Semiconductor Assemblies

Power Semiconductor Assemblies

| Three-phase rectifying bridge B6C series | Three-phase full-control bridge B6C series | Three-phase half-control bridge B6C series |

Fast Turned-off Thyristors

Fast Turned-off Thyristors

| Interdigitated amplifying gates | Fast turn-on and high di/dt | Low switching losses | Short turn-off time | Hermetic metal cases with ceramic insulators | 

Fast Recovery Diodes

Fast Recovery Diodes

| Small recovered charge | Soft recovery | Up to 3000V reverse voltage | Capsule type metal-ceramic packages for double sided cooling | 

Bi-Directional Control Thyristors

Bi-Directional Control Thyristors

| International standard cases | Hermetic metal cases with ceramic insulators | Capsule packages for double sided cooling | 

Reversely Switching Dynistors

Reversely Switching Dynistors

| High power | Easy series or parallel connections | High reliability | No warm-up | Long life | 

Thyristor Modules(Non-Isolated Type)

Thyristor Modules (Non-Isolated Type)

| Non-isolated. Mounting base as common anode or cathode terminal | International standard package | Pressure contact technology with increased power cycling capability | Max junction temperature up to 140 ℃ | High surge current | Low forward voltage drop | 

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