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  1. Super fast recovery

  2. Max junction temperature up to 175 ℃

  3. Low forward voltage drop

  1. Inverter Welding Power Supply

  2. Power Supply for Telecommunication

  3. Various Switching Power Supply

  • VFM are for 25 ℃, othersare for Tj=Tjm, unless stated otherwise.

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Overview oMUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes


MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes are semiconductor devices with fast recovery characteristics. It belongs to a type of diode, but compared to ordinary diodes, it has faster reverse recovery time and lower reverse recovery charge, thus exhibiting superior performance in high-frequency and high-speed switching applications.

The MUR200 ultra fast recovery diode is manufactured using advanced semiconductor technology with optimized doping concentration and structural design to achieve faster switching speed and lower power consumption. This device has the characteristics of high reverse blocking voltage, low forward voltage drop, and good temperature stability, making it suitable for various circuit applications that require high efficiency and reliability.


Characteristics of MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes


Fast recovery time: The MUR200 has an extremely short reverse recovery time, which allows it to operate at high frequencies without causing excessive switching losses.


Low reverse recovery charge: The diode generates very little charge during the reverse recovery process, thereby reducing energy loss during the switching process.


High reverse blocking voltage: MUR200 can withstand high reverse voltage, ensuring the safety and stability of the circuit.


Low forward voltage drop: In the forward conduction state, the diode has a lower forward voltage drop, thereby improving the efficiency of the circuit.


Good temperature stability: MUR200 exhibits stable electrical performance at different temperatures and is suitable for various working environments.


Easy to install and use: The diode adopts a standard packaging form, making it easy to install and connect on the circuit board.


Application of MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes

Switching power supply: In high-frequency switching power supplies, the MUR200 ultra fast recovery diode reduces switching losses with its fast recovery characteristics, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the power supply. It is particularly suitable for power systems that require high efficiency and fast response, such as servers, computers, communication devices, etc.


MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes1

(The Application of MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes in switching power supply)

Pulse power application: MUR200 is suitable for pulse power applications, such as pulse lasers, pulse welding machines, pulse discharge equipment, etc. In these applications, ultrafast recovery diodes can quickly respond to pulse signals, ensuring the stability and reliability of the circuit.

Motor drive and control: In motor drive and control systems, MUR200 ultra fast recovery diodes are used in inverters and motor controllers to achieve fast start, stop, and speed regulation of the motor. Its fast recovery characteristics help reduce the heat loss and electromagnetic interference of the motor.


MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes2

(The Application of MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes in motor drive)

Rectification and filtering: In rectification circuits, the MUR200 ultra fast recovery diode can quickly convert AC power to DC power and reduce voltage fluctuations and ripple in filtering circuits. This helps to provide a stable and pure DC power supply.

High frequency inverters: In high-frequency inverters such as solar inverters, wind power inverters, and UPS (uninterruptible power supply), MUR200 ultra fast recovery diodes improve inverter efficiency, reduce energy loss, and increase system reliability due to their fast recovery characteristics.


MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes4

(The Application of MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes in inverters)

High frequency signal processing: In high-frequency signal processing circuits such as RF amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, etc., MUR200 ultra fast recovery diodes provide efficient and low noise solutions for signal processing due to their fast response and low loss characteristics.


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What is MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes and what is its role in electronic devices?

Re: MUR200 Super Fast Recovery Diodes are semiconductor diodes with fast recovery characteristics. In electronic devices, it mainly plays a role in rectification, switching, and energy conversion. Due to its fast recovery characteristics, MUR200 can achieve more efficient energy conversion and lower losses in high-frequency and high-speed switching applications.


What are the advantages of MUR200 ultra fast recovery diodes compared to ordinary diodes?

Re: Compared with ordinary diodes, MUR200 ultrafast recovery diodes have faster reverse recovery time and lower reverse recovery charge. This means that during the switching process, MUR200 can quickly return to normal state, reducing switching losses and heat generation. Therefore, it is more suitable for high-frequency and high-speed switching applications.


What are the main parameters of the MUR200 ultra fast recovery diode? How to choose the appropriate model?

Re: The main parameters of MUR200 ultra fast recovery diode include reverse blocking voltage, forward average current, forward voltage drop, reverse recovery time, and reverse recovery charge. Choosing a suitable model requires consideration of specific application scenarios, such as operating voltage, operating current, switching frequency, etc. At the same time, factors such as temperature stability, reliability, and packaging form also need to be considered. It is recommended to refer to relevant technical specifications and application manuals, and communicate with suppliers or engineers to select the appropriate model.


What is the impact of the forward voltage drop of MUR200 ultrafast recovery diode on circuit efficiency?

Re: The forward voltage drop of MUR200 ultra fast recovery diode refers to the voltage drop at both ends of the diode when conducting in the forward direction. The lower the forward voltage drop, the higher the conductivity efficiency of the diode, and the smaller the energy loss in the circuit. Therefore, choosing a MUR200 ultrafast recovery diode with a lower forward voltage drop can help improve the overall efficiency of the circuit.


What are the effects of MUR200 ultrafast recovery diodes working in high-temperature environments?

Re: When MUR200 ultrafast recovery diodes operate in high-temperature environments, their performance may be affected to some extent. High temperature may cause a decrease in reverse blocking voltage of the diode, an increase in forward voltage drop, and an extension of reverse recovery time. These changes may affect the normal operation of the diode and even lead to damage.

Therefore, when using MUR200 ultrafast recovery diodes in high-temperature environments, appropriate heat dissipation measures need to be taken, such as adding heat sinks, fans, etc., to reduce the operating temperature. In addition, a diode model with good temperature stability should be selected, and appropriate derating should be considered in circuit design to ensure the reliability and stability of the diode.

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