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  • Thyristor Semiconductor provides various of thyristors/diodes/RSD high voltage assemblies to meet customers requirements.

  • Thyristor Semiconductor provides various power assemblies of high voltage, large power and assemblies with super high di/dt in pulse power feid.

    TypeCooling MethodDevice Voltage (V)* Rate Output Current IRMS(A)Outline
    PDDN-HVx-xxx-xxxFxAir Cooling3000-3000050-500HVx-xxx-xxxFx
    PDDN-HVx-xxx-xxxSxPDDN-Water Cooling3000-800050-1000HVx-xxx-xxxSx
    RemarkThe rated current of power assembly depends of working condition

    Overview oHigh Voltage Assemblies and Assemblies of HV Series 

    High Voltage Assemblies refer to electrical components used in high voltage environments, typically used for transmitting, regulating, or distributing high voltage electrical energy. These components need to consider factors such as insulation, voltage resistance, and heat dissipation in their design, materials, and manufacturing processes to ensure safe and stable operation in high-pressure environments. The main function of high voltage assemblies is to transmit, regulate, or distribute high voltage electrical energy. In terms of functional principle, high-voltage components utilize the functions of electromagnetic induction and insulation materials to ensure safe transmission of current under high voltage. At the same time, high-voltage components also need to consider factors such as heat dissipation, voltage resistance, and insulation to ensure their stable operation in high-voltage environments.


    Assemblies of HV Series refer to a series of electrical components with similar functions, applications, or specifications, but specific parameters (such as voltage level, current size, etc.) may vary. These components are typically based on the same principles and designs, but are tailored to meet different application requirements by adjusting materials, dimensions, or processes. The high-voltage series components are designed based on similar functions, applications, or specifications, and have the characteristics of modularity and standardization. These components are interchangeable and compatible by adjusting materials, dimensions, or processes to meet different application requirements. The functional principle of assemblies of hv series is mainly based on standardized design and manufacturing, which enables good interoperability and interchangeability between different components, improves design flexibility and market competitiveness.


    Characteristics of High Voltage Assemblies and Assemblies of HV Series

    High voltage operation: Both can operate in high voltage environments to meet specific high voltage requirements. This is their most prominent feature, making them play an important role in many applications of power transmission, distribution, and regulation.


    Safe and reliable: In order to ensure stable operation in high-voltage environments, both have undergone strict design and manufacturing processes, using high-quality insulation materials and advanced technology to ensure safe and reliable operation.


    Efficient transmission: They all aim to efficiently transmit electrical energy, reduce energy loss, and ensure the stable operation of the power system. By optimizing design and material selection, both can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of power transmission.


    Standardization and Interchangeability: High voltage series components typically have standardized designs that enable good interchangeability between different components. This provides users with greater flexibility to choose appropriate components according to their needs, while also facilitating maintenance and replacement.


    Strong adaptability: Both have been specially designed to adapt to different environments and application needs. They can maintain stable performance in high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, and other extreme environments.


    Long lifespan and stability: Due to its advanced design and material selection, both have a longer service life and good stability. This reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement, and lowers operating costs.

    Application of High Voltage Assemblies and Assemblies of HV Series

    Application of High Voltage Assembly


    Power transmission and distribution: High Voltage Assembly is mainly used in high-voltage transmission and distribution systems. In long-distance transmission, they ensure efficient and safe transmission of electrical energy, reducing energy loss.


    High Voltage Assembly with PCB

    (Application of High Voltage Assembly)

    Industrial process control: In certain industrial production processes, such as electric arc furnaces, electroplating, etc., high pressure is required to drive or control reactions. High Voltage Assembly provides a stable and reliable high-voltage power supply for such applications.


    HV IAT - High-Voltage

    (Application of High Voltage Assembly)

    Energy conversion and storage: In solar inverters and wind power systems, High Voltage Assembly is responsible for converting DC or low-voltage energy into AC power and transmitting it to the grid.


    High voltage cable assemblies for vehicle electrification

    (Application of High Voltage Assembly)

    Application of Assembly of HV Series


    Customized high-voltage equipment: For specific high-voltage applications such as high-pressure cleaning machines, electrostatic precipitators, etc., the Assembly of HV Series provides a series of components to meet customer customization needs.


    EV & HEV High Voltage Cable Assemblies

    (Application of Assembly of HV Series)

    Laboratory and testing equipment: In scientific research and experimental environments, various high-voltage components are often needed for testing and research. The Assembly of HV Series provides standardized and modular component selection for these applications.


    Industrial automation and robotics technology: In automated production lines and robotics technology, high-voltage components are used to drive motors or other actuators, ensuring the normal operation and precise control of equipment.


    Special application areas: In certain special application areas, such as shock absorbers, electrotherapy equipment, etc., the high-voltage components of the Assembly of HV Series meet specific functional requirements.

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    It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union, and Paypal. PDDN will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by sea, or by air. If you are looking for a high-quality High Voltage Assemblies and Assemblies of HV Series supplier, we invite you to contact us or click on related products to inquire.

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    What are High Voltage Assembly and Assembly of HV Series?


    Re: High Voltage Assembly refers to a combination of electrical components that operate in a high-voltage environment, mainly used for transmitting, regulating, or distributing electrical energy. Assembly of HV Series is a collection of high-voltage components with similar functions or applications, but specific parameters may vary.




    What are the functions of High Voltage Assembly and Assembly of HV Series?


    Re: The main function of High Voltage Assembly is to transmit, regulate, or distribute electrical energy in high voltage environments. The function of Assembly of HV Series is to provide more flexible application choices, and users can choose appropriate components according to their needs.




    What are the common types of High Voltage Assembly?


    Re: Common types of High Voltage Assembly include insulators, insulation sleeves, high-voltage cables, etc. These components are usually made of special insulation materials to ensure safe operation in high-voltage environments.




    What are the advantages of Assembly of HV Series?


    Re: The advantage of Assembly of HV Series lies in their modular and standardized design. This design allows users to flexibly choose and combine different components according to their actual needs, thereby improving the flexibility and adaptability of the design.




    How to choose the appropriate high-voltage components?


    Re: Choosing the appropriate high-voltage component requires considering multiple factors, including voltage level, current size, working environment, cost budget, etc. In addition, it is necessary to consider the reliability, stability, and safety of the components.




    What role does High Voltage Assembly play in the power system?


    Re: High Voltage Assembly plays a crucial role in the power system, responsible for transmitting high-voltage electrical energy and ensuring the stable operation of the power system. Meanwhile, they can also reduce energy loss and improve the efficiency of power transmission.




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