Conservator Type Transformer

1000kva 270v to 20kv oil distribution transformer

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Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Product Attributes

Model No.S-1000KVA/270KV/20KV


Place Of OriginChina

UsePower, Current, Electronic, High Frequency, Lighting, Audio, Potential, Instrument, Rectifier, Pulse, Reactor


Coil StructureToroidal

Number Of CoilsAutotransformer

Product NameOil immersed transformer with conservator

Rated Capacity1MVA~120MVA

Rated Primary Voltage11KV~110KV

Rated Secondary Voltage400V ~10000V or Customized according to requirements


Connection FormA

Cooling ModeONAN

Connection Group NumberDyn11/Dyn0

Core MaterialCopper / aluminum

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units:Set/Sets
Single package size:130cm*95cm*150cm
Single gross weight:1000kg
Package Type:Wooden case

Product Description

Product introduction

The Oil Immersed Transformer is a high-performance transformer with a more reasonable structure and better performance. The iron core is made of an electrical steel strip, and the laminations at all levels are prepared in order according to the section shape of the iron core column and iron yoke. Each lamination must be stacked directionally in strict accordance with the stacking order to reduce hysteresis loss and eddy current loss. Therefore, the performance is further improved, loss is reduced, noise is reduced, tripartite balance is achieved, and the third harmonic component is reduced. Step-down transformers are commonly used. This product can be widely used in urban and rural power grid renovation, industrial and mining enterprises, as well as combination transformers and prefabricated substations.

Oil-immersed transformers use oil as the main insulation method and oil as the cooling medium, such as oil-immersed self-cooling, oil-immersed air cooling, oil-immersed water cooling, and forced oil circulation. The main components of a transformer include an iron core, winding, oil tank, oil storage tank, respirator, pressure-reducing valve, radiator, insulation sleeve, tap changer, gas relay, thermometer, etc.

1000kVA and above oil-immersed transformers must be equipped with outdoor signal thermometers and can be connected to remote signals. Oil-immersed transformers of 800kVA and above shall be equipped with gas relays and pressure protection devices. Oil-immersed transformers of 800kVA and below can also be equipped with gas relays according to the use requirements and through consultation with the manufacturer. Dry-type transformers shall be equipped with temperature measuring devices according to the manufacturer's regulations, generally 630kVA and above transformers.

The products are classified according to the phase number of a single transformer, which can be divided into three-phase transformers and single-phase transformers. In three-phase power systems, three-phase transformers are generally used. When the capacity is too large and limited by transportation conditions, three single-phase transformers can also be used in three-phase power systems to form transformer banks.

Winding division

It can be divided into two winding transformers and three winding transformers. Transformers are usually composed of two windings, which are wrapped around an iron core. One of them is the primary winding, and the other is the secondary winding. A three winding transformer is a type of high capacity (over 5600 kVA) transformer used to connect three transmission lines with different voltages. In special cases, there are also Satons transformers with more windings.

Structural classification

It can be divided into the core transformer and the shell transformer. If the winding is wrapped around the iron core, it is an iron core transformer; If the iron core is wrapped around the winding, it is a shell-type transformer. However, they are slightly different in structure and have no essential difference in principle. All power transformers are of iron core type. The transformer mainly consists of an iron core, winding, oil tank, oil storage tank, insulation sleeve, tap changer, gas relay, etc.Conservator Type Transformer长图改后.jpg


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