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DC 35KV High Voltage Transformer For sale

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Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Product Attributes

Model No.: 35KV Transformer

Brand: PDDN

Place Of Origin: China

Use: Power, Current, Electronic, High Frequency, Lighting, Audio, Potential, Instrument, Rectifier, Pulse, Reactor

Phase: Three

Coil Structure: Toroidal

Number Of Coils: Autotransformer

Product Name: Oil immersed transformer with conservator

Rated Capacity: 1MVA~120MVA

Rated Primary Voltage: 11KV~110KV

Rated Secondary Voltage: 400V ~10000V or Customized according to requirements

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Connection Form: A

Cooling Mode: ONAN

Connection Group Number: Dyn11/Dyn0

Core Material: Copper / aluminum

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units    :    Set/Sets    

Single package size    :    130cm*95cm*150cm    

Single gross weight    :    1000kg    

Package Type    :    Wooden case    

Product Description

The Oil Immersed Transformer has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, low loss, large capacity, low price, etc. Its main role in the power grid is the conversion of electric energy, that is, the conversion of voltage level. It is understood that most of the power transformers operating in the power grid are Oil Immersed Transformers.

The oil-immersed transformer is a high-performance transformer with a more reasonable structure and better performance. The iron core is made of an electrical steel strip, and the laminations at all levels are prepared in order according to the section shape of the iron core column and iron yoke.Each stack must be stacked in a strict stacking sequence to reduce hysteresis loss and eddy current loss. Therefore, the performance is further improved, the loss is reduced, the noise is reduced, the three-term balance is reduced, and the third-order harmonic component is reduced. This product is particularly suitable for renovation projects of urban and rural power grids, industrial and mining enterprises, combined transformers, and prefabricated substations.

Oil-immersed transformer takes oil as the main insulation means of transformer and oil as the cooling medium, such as oil-immersed self-cooling, oil-immersed air cooling, oil-immersed water cooling, forced oil circulation and so on. The main components of the transformer are an iron core, winding, oil tank, conservator, respirator, Pressure Relief Valve, radiator, insulating sleeve, Tap Changer, Gas Relay, thermometer, etc.

The noise of an oil-immersed transformer is low because the oil can penetrate the silicon steel sheets of an oil-immersed transformer for a long time, and the transformer oil has an elastic buffer effect.

Oil immersed transformers use oil as the main insulation method and cooling medium, such as oil immersed self cooling, oil immersed air cooling, oil immersed water cooling, forced oil circulation, etc. For the transformer with a large capacity, the radiator or heat pipe is installed outside the oil tank. The common oil-immersed transformer oil has an oil conservator, which plays a larger role, and the common oil-immersed transformer oil conservator plays a higher role. The conservatory is also called an oil tank. The transformer oil will expand with heat and contract with cold due to temperature change, and the oil level will also rise or fall with temperature change. The function of the oil storage tank is to leave buffer space for the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the oil, so that the tank is always full of oil. At the same time, due to the existence of the oil storage tank, the contact area between oil and air is reduced, which can slow down the oxidation of oil.


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