Conservator Type Transformer

High efficiency 800kva oil immersed transformer

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Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Product Attributes

Model No.: S-1800kva/0.8kv/20kv

Brand: PDDN

Place Of Origin: China

Use: Power, Current, Electronic, High Frequency, Lighting, Audio, Potential, Instrument, Rectifier, Pulse, Reactor

Phase: Three

Coil Structure: Toroidal

Number Of Coils: Autotransformer

Product Name: Oil immersed transformer with conservator

Rated Capacity: 1MVA~120MVA

Rated Primary Voltage: 11KV~110KV

Rated Secondary Voltage: 400V ~10000V or Customized according to requirements

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Connection Form: A

Cooling Mode: ONAN

Connection Group Number: Dyn11/Dyn0

Core Material: Copper / aluminum

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units    :    Set/Sets    

Single package size    :    130cm*95cm*150cm    

Single gross weight    :    1000kg    

Package Type    :    Wooden case    

Product Description

Winding division

It can be divided into two winding transformers and three winding transformers. Transformers are usually double winding transformers, meaning there are two windings on the iron core. One of them is the primary winding, and the other is the secondary winding.A three-winding transformer is a high-capacity (5600 kVA+) transformer used to connect three transmission lines with different voltages. In special cases, there are more windings for Satons transformers.

Structural classification

It can be divided into the core transformer and the shell transformer. If the winding is wrapped around the iron core, it is an iron core transformer; If the iron core is wrapped around the winding, it is a shell-type transformer. However, they are slightly different in structure and have no essential difference in principle. All power transformers are iron core type.

The transformer is mainly composed of the iron core, winding, oil tank, conservator, insulating sleeve, Tap Changer, Gas Relay, etc.7


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